Optimization of the Safety of Encoding and the Quality of Decoding in Dynamic Visual Cryptography (DVKOPT)

Project no.: PP32/1813

Project description:

This project is focused on the analysis and optimization of the security of the encryption and the quality of the decryption in dynamic visual cryptography in cases of harmonic and chaotic oscillations. It is known, that the security of the encoded image and the sharpness of the decoded secret information highly depend on the pitches of moiré gratings used for the encoding of the secret image and the background. If the difference between the pitches of the moiré gratings is sufficiently small – the quality of the decoded secret is low; if the difference is sufficiently large – the quality of the decoded image is high but the security of the encoding is low – the secret can be observed even in the static encoded image. Thus, the main aim of this project is to analyse the influence of the parameters of dynamic visual cryptography on the security of the encoding and the quality of the decoding of the secret information; propose the exact or approximated analytical relationships for the determination of the optimal parameters of dynamic visual cryptography; validate the obtained relationships using computer modelling. Other factors having influence on the security of the encoded image are also to be analysed. Such investigation could be significant in the applications of dynamic visual cryptography for the optical control of vibrations as well as for the investigation of human visual system in the ophthalmology.

Project funding:

KTU R&D&I Fund

Period of project implementation: 2018-04-03 - 2018-12-31

Project coordinator: Kaunas University of Technology

Loreta Saunorienė

2018 - 2018

Department of Mathematical Modelling, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

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