Department of Applied Mathematics

The Department was founded in 1962, as a result of reorganization of the Department of Higher Mathematics into the Department of Mathematics and that of Applied Mathematics. At present, there are 4 professors, 17 associative professors and PhD doctors, 8 lecturers, 6 assistant professors and 4 doctoral students at the Department.

In the course of more than 50 years, the Department occupied active position in preparing applied mathematicians and giving good mathematical education for students throughout the University. More than 60 study modules, for students of many faculties (Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Informatics, Civil Engineering), have been prepared by the members of the Department, In delivering mathematical study modules, modern and up-to-date software is used, namely: Matcad, Matlab, SAS ir e-teaching technologies, etc. Four text-books and more than 50 teaching materials for students of higher educational institutions have been written at the Department.

Main Research Area

  • Department of Applied Mathematics specializes in:
  • Mathematical methods in the study of signals complexity;
  • Application of matrix time series analysis in investigation of dynamical systems and cardiology;
  • Using of operator method for investigation of dynamical system;
  • Fragmentation and research of numerical sequences;
  • Identification and cryptography;
  • Investigation of symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic systems;
  • Development and investigation of the efficient digital image encoding, analysis and synthesis techniques;
  • Analytical investigation of delay systems;
  • Solution of the eigenvalue problem for some matrices with special structure;
  • Multivariate data analysis using projection pursuit.

Recent Research Projects Carried out by the department of Applied mathematics

  • Researches of the department successfully join to national or international projects organized by other faculties, institutes or universities.


Kristina Dedelienė

Studentų str. 50–324A kab., Kaunas
Phone: 8 (37) 300 314



dr. Kęstutis Lukšys

Head of Department

Studentų g. 50, Kaunas 51368
phone: +370 612 05 732



Name / Surname Adress Phone E-mail
Prof. dr. Robertas Alzbutas Studentų str. 50–223 kab. +370 614 73 265
Prof. dr. Eligijus Sakalauskas Studentų str. 50 +370 698 78 477
Prof. dr.Tomas Tamulevičius Studentų g. 50, 260 kab. +370 37 313 432

Associate Professors


Name / Surname Adress Phone E-mail
assoc. prof. Liepa Bikulčienė Studentų str. 50–325 kab. +370 682 17 227
assoc. prof. Jurgita Dabulytė-Bagdonavičienė Studentų str. 50–326a kab. +370 620 20 474
assoc. prof. Vytautas Janilionis Studentų str. 50–322 kab. +370 686 61 605
assoc. dr. Daiva Petkevičiūtė-Gerlach Studentų str. 50–318 kab.
assoc. prof. Aleksejus Michalkovič Studentų str. 50–327a kab. +370 687 37 468
assoc. prof.  Stasė Petraitienė Studentų str. 50–325a kab. +370 612 03 539
assoc. prof.  Tomas Ruzgas Studentų str. 50–319 kab. +370 615 99 350
assoc. prof.  Aušra Žvironienė Studentų str. 50–326a. kab. +370 684 01 747
assoc. prof.  Arvydas Jokimaitis Studentų str. 50–325 kab. +370 612 95 386
assoc. prof. Asta Tamulevičienė Studentų str. 50–325 kab. +370 37 313 432


Name / Surname Adress Phone E-mail
Dr. Irma Jankauskienė Studentų str. 50–138 kab.
Dr. Kristina Jakubėlienė Studentų str. 50–325 kab. +370 615 78 773
Dr. Mindaugas Kavaliauskas Studentų str. 50–319 kab.
Dr. Gintarė Leonaitė Studentų str. 50–325b kab +370 687 89 168
Dr. Kęstutis Lukšys Studentų str. 50–327a kab. +370 612 05 732
Dr. Benas Gabrielis Urbonavičius Studentų str. 50
+370 699 64 324
Darius Petronaitis Studentų str. 50–326a, 323a kab. +370 611 10 982
Dr. Rasa Šmidtaitė Studentų str. 50
Dr.Lina Dindienė Studentų str. 50–318 kab.
Tatjana Sidekerskienė Studentų str. 50–318 kab. +370 612 98 048
Gintarė Vaidelienė Studentų str. 50–324A kab.


Name / Surname Duties Adress Phone E-mail
Kristina Dedelienė Administrator Studentų str. 50–324A kab. 8 (37) 300 314
Name / Surname Adress Phone E-mail
Prof. dr. Zenonas Navickas Studentų str. 50
Prof. dr. Jonas Rimas Studentų str. 50
Prof. dr. Jonas Valantinas Studentų str. 50
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