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KTU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Studentų str. 50, Kaunas
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Our mission is to provide research-based studies on international level, to create and transfer knowledge, to develop technologies and technological solutions for sustainable development and innovation promotion. The Faculty offers creative and inspiring environment for education and nurturing of future’s talents and leaders.

Our vision is to be leading study and research hub in the fields of mathematics and natural sciences built on pillars of creating and transferring knowledge and technologies.

The roots of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is as early as 1920, when the Lithuanian Higher Courses were established and included the Mathematical-Physical Department. Later, in 1922, the Higher Courses had grown to the University of Lithuania which included The Faculty of Mathematics and Nature. After going a long way through the history,  the Faculty was finally re-created in 1993. Today it provides study programmes in applied mathematics, applied physics, materials science and nanotechnologies, medical physics; interdisciplinary studies are also available. The research staff is conducting world-class research in the related areas of science.

119 academic staff work at the Faculty. Annually approximately 120 new graduates, whose skills and knowledge is highly demanded by business and industry, enter the job market. The employment rate of KTU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences amount to 90 percent.

The staff and the students of the Faculty have been awarded numerous prizes, have won national and international scientific awards. The Faculty is the first in Lithuania to establish an intensive study group for talented and highly motivated students; it is actively developing unique study programmes.

KTU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences maintains strong bonds with business and industry – their representatives get involved into study programs’ development and organisation processes.

Scientists and researchers of the Faculty cooperate with education and science institutions from all over the world. Teachers and researchers from the USA, Japan, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, UK and other countries deliver lectures and seminars for the students and the staff on regular basis; twice a year, experts from Hitachi corporation and Tokyo Institute of Technology deliver seminars on nuclear engineering and safety. The faculty has 62 partners for Erasmus + and bilateral student and staff exchange.

The Faculty organises various educational and scientific events. In 2017, the first and unique in Lithuania and Baltic States Workshop on Mathematical Solutions for Business and Industry, which brings together scientists and companies for solving real-world business issues took place. It is planned that the Workshop will become an annual event.

Seeking to promote mathematics, physics and material science, the faculty corporates with schools, organises physics, mathematics and interdisciplinary competitions for the school children, organise and provide interesting lectures and workshops.

The KTU Faculty of Fundamental Sciences (predecessor of the current Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) was established in 1993 after merging of three departments: Department of Physics, Department of Mathematical modelling and Department of Applied Mathematics. This was done in order to promote scientific research and to improve the University’s study programmes in the fields of physics and mathematics.

At the same time the aim was to provide more autonomy for the departments, thus they could coordinate study programmes and train experts in their fields.

In year 1996, the Faculty’s student organisation FUMSA was established, which up to nowadays organises different events for students and general society, and is actively involved into the University and city life.

In 2014, the Faculty acquired its current name: Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Dean‘s Office

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bronė Narkevičienė

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bronė Narkevičienė

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mantas Landauskas

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mantas Landauskas

Vice-Dean for Research
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Živilė Rutkūnienė

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Živilė Rutkūnienė

Vice-Dean for Studies
Virginija Klusienė

Virginija Klusienė

Head of Administration

Partners and cooperation