Great news for KTU FMNS math students: from now on there’s a possibility to use new top-level software in the study process

Important | 2022-01-17

We are pleased to announce that Rock Flow Dynamics Inc. (RFD) has generously donated 2 licenses of their new generation subsurface and surface reservoir simulation software “tNavigator” valued at US $320,000.000

The donation enables our faculty students and staff to access the latest technology for industry-driven education and career growth purposes. tNavigator is one of the foremost parallel-finite-difference simulators used by engineers around the globe to understand and optimize the subsurface flows through porous media and flow of fluids through surface networks.

tNavigator is developed by Rock Flow Dynamics, is a high-performance tool for integrated static and dynamic modeling from the reservoir to surface networks. tNavigator has been in development for 15 years, releasing 4 software updates per year. tNavigator team includes 70+ support engineers and geologists in 34 offices across 30 countries and over 110 software engineers supporting our development. The tNavigator community has 290+ commercial clients in 43 countries and 80+ universities in 28 countries.

The software will be available to FMNS students during lectures, preparation of final theses, and staff to prepare scientific publications.