Department of Physics

February 16, 1922 is the data of Kaunas University of Technology, Department of Physics origin. Professor V. Čepinskis was appointed as the Head of the Department. The department of Physics with all staff (except one assistant) and the material base was transferred to the Department of Physics of KPI in 1950 when Kaunas University (formerly the University of Vytautas Magnus) was transformed into Kaunas Institute of Technology (KPI) and Kaunas Medical Institute. KPI has been renamed into Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) during the study and education reforms in 1990. Current KTU Department of Physics remained as a single unit at Kaunas University of technology.

First cycle (bachelor’s) degree programs are appointed to develop general knowledge, to convey theoretical studies background and form necessary for independent work professional skills. University degree programs are oriented towards universal basic of education, academic preparation and the highest level of professional skills.

Bachelor’s degree:

  • Materials and nanotechnologies
  • Material Physics and Nanotechnologies
  • Applied physics

Master’s degree:

  • Applied Physics
  • Materials Science
  • Medical Physics

Research groups:

  • Research of Non-equilibrium Heterogeneous Processes prof. habil. dr. Arvaidas Galdikas, Principal Investigator
  • Radiation and Medical Physics prof. dr. Diana Adlienė, Principal Investigator
  • Formation, Research and Application of Multifunctional Thin Structures and Nanocomposites prof. dr. Giedrius Laukaitis, Principal Investigator
  • Applied Optics and Photonics lekt. dr. Tomas Tamulevičius, Principal Investigator

History of Physics Department (1990-2018)

The First Graduate students of Physics Master Program (1995-06-27)

The Supreme Council declared the restoration of Lithuania Act on March 11, 1990. Reorganization of different institutions was held after Lithuania regained independence. Lithuanian higher education institutions were not left besides historical events. Movement group was also established at Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, where actively participated the employees of the Department of Physics: Doc. A. Tamašauskas, researcher A. Meškauskas, senior lecturer A. Žiulpa, researcher dr. A. Batulevičius and others. Researcher of integrated circuits laboratory at Physics Department Dr. A. Batulevičius was elected to the first Kaunas City Council, supported by the Movement in April 13, 1990.


Lena Gertrūda Cibulskytė

Studentų str. 50–243 kab., Kaunas
phone: 8 37 300 339
mobile: +370 619 42 426 ,



Prof. Diana Adlienė

Head of Department

Studentų g. 50, Kaunas 51369
phone: +370 (37)300 340, +370 612 08716


Name / Surname Adress Phone E-mail
prof. dr. Diana Adlienė Studentų str. 50–251 kab. +370 612 08716
prof. habil. dr. Arvaidas Galdikas Studentų str. 50–264 kab. +370 616 54520
prof. dr. Giedrius Laukaitis Studentų str. 50–243 kab. +370 37 300 340
prof. dr. Liutauras Marcinauskas Studentų str. 50–249 kab. +370 611 17031
prof. habil. dr. Sigitas Tamulevičius Studentų str. 50–243 kab. +370 686 12300
prof. dr. Audrius Alkauskas Studentų str. 50–256 b kab.
prof. dr. Žilvinas Rinkevičius Studentų str. 50–260 kab.
prof. dr. Artūras Vailionis Studentų str. 50–243 kab.

Professors emeritus

Name / Surname Adress Phone E-mail
prof. habil. dr. Julius Dudonis Studentų str. 50–116 kab. +370 612 55684
prof. habil. dr. Alfonsas Grigonis Studentų str. 50–115 kab. +370 616 28795

Associate Professors

Name / Surname Adress Phone E-mail
assoc. prof.  Brigita Abakevičienė Studentų str. 50–229 kab. +370 686 07546
assoc. prof.  Mindaugas Andrulevičius Studentų str. 50–259 kab. +370 687 80481
assoc. prof. Kristina Bočkutė Studentų str. 50–248 kab.
assoc. prof.  Jurgita Čyvienė Studentų str. 50–229 kab. +370 620 23695
assoc. prof. Aleksandras Iljinas Studentų str. 50–258 kab. +370 615 23668
assoc. prof.  Leonas Jakevičius Studentų str. 50–227 kab. +370 618 68466 leonas.jakevič
assoc. prof.  Sigitas Joneliūnas Studentų str. 50–227 kab. +370 615 62671
assoc. prof.  Alvydas Jotautis Studentų str. 50–239 kab. +370 672 33852
assoc. prof. Ramūnas Naujokaitis Studentų str. 50–239 kab. +370 614 03249
assoc. prof. Judita Puišo Studentų str. 50–227 kab. +370 610 04812
assoc. prof.  Linas Puodžiukynas Studentų str. 50–259 kab. +370 698 24161
assoc. prof.  Živilė Rutkūnienė Studentų str. 50–249 kab. +370 686 54543
assoc. prof.  Vytautas Stankus Studentų str. 50–258 kab. +370 610 33946
assoc. prof. Virgilijus Minialga Studentų str. 50–227 kab. +370 616 28503
assoc. prof. Teresa Moskaliovienė Studentų str. 50–264 kab. +370 674 02556
assoc. prof. Gediminas Stankūnas Breslaujos str. 3–249 kab. +370 401800


Name / Surname Adress Phone E-mail
dr. Marius Kaminskas Studentų str. 50–256 b kab. +370 676 32308
dr. Rimantas Knizikevičius Studentų str. 50–228 kab. +370 685 24054
Tomas Tamulevičius Studentų str. 50 +370 662 26308
dr. Darius Virbukas Studentų str. 50–248 kab. +370 656 39789
dr. Mantas Sriubas Studentų str. 50–260 kab.

Guest lecturers

Name / Surname Adress E-mail
prof. dr. Fiorella Belpoggi Studentų str. 50
assoc. prof.  Sigitas Joneliūnas Studentų str. 50–243 kab.
assoc. prof.  Gediminas Stankūnas Studentų str. 50–243 kab.
assoc. prof. Karolis Gedvilas Studentų str. 50–243 kab.


Name / Surname Pareigos Adress Phone El-mail
Lena Gertrūda Cibulskytė Administrator Studentų str. 50–243 kab. +370 619 42426
Roma Špokienė Administrator Studentų str. 50–228 kab. +370 696 26038
Zenonas Šleinius Academic Assistant / Laboratory Assistant Studentų str. 50–231 kab. +370 614 76103
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