The solutions developed by the mathematicians of the faculty are relevant to the representatives of business and industry

Important | 2022-01-26

Last week KTU FMNS researchers Prof. habil. Dr. Minvydas Ragulskis together with his colleague Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mayur Pal met with Gediminas Mickus, Product Development Manager at IT solutions business Agmis.

Agmis specializes in developing AI powered asset optimization solutions for Construction, Oil & Gas, and retail industry through its subsidiary Easyflow.

During the meeting, presentations were shared by “Easyflow” and KTU FMNS on the use of AI for providing asset optimization solutions. Ideas of potential collaboration were also discussed. A follow-up meeting at Agmis Headquarters is planned for 8th February where Prof. Minvydas’s research group will be visiting Agmis to further discuss potential collaboration between the industry and academia.