Celebrate Lithuanian Independence: free concerts, museums and city tours

Important | 2019-02-15

This Saturday, February 16 Lithuania is celebrating its independence. Do not miss the plethora of events, which are starting already on Friday.

101 years have passed since the Republic of Lithuania has signed the document declaring its freedom from all the ties, which formerly bound the State to other nations. Although after signing the Act of Reinstating Independence of Lithuania on February 16, 1918, various events happened, not all of them happy for our nation, Lithuania is proud to celebrate its freedom as a free, independent state.

Kaunas, the Lithuanian capital during the interwar times (1920–1939) and the majority of our first independence, offers its residents and guests celebrations for every taste and every age group. Free city tours in the city centre and the old town, open doors and guided tours in the museums, concerts in Žalgiris Arena, the square of History Museum and Kaunas Railway station and much more is planned.

The main meeting will take place in the square of Vytautas Magnus History Museum, just in front of the Central Building of KTU. At 11.30 the bell concert, followed by speeches will take place. Later, Saulės Kliošas and Jurgis Didžiulis will perform on the stage.

During the day you may decide to visit Kaunas museums – the majority of them will be open for free. For some unconventional experiences visit Kaunas Zoological Museum, next to Central Post Office, Museum of Folk Music Instruments in the old town, or Zikaras Memorial Museum in Žaliakalnis.

If you are into arts, all the art galleries – from Žilinskas Gallery next to Soboras, to Devil’s Museum, are waiting for your visit. At 4pm the traditional award ceremony for the Best Work of Art will take place at Kaunas Picture Gallery.

Last, but not least – do not miss the main concert of the day: at 6 pm in Kaunas Railway Station the concert Freedom Platform will take place. Lithuanian indie music bands such as Parranda Polar, Baltasis Kiras and others are promising great programme for the evening.

For the full programme of celebrations, please visit Kaunastic page.