What’s New in Big Data? All the answers – at the fourth KTU Big Data School

Important | 2021-05-25

It has already become a tradition for all those who are into big data to gather in a yearly KTU Big Data School organized by KTU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

As every year, the three-day event will be led by experienced lecturers from European universities. Both theoretical and practical sessions will cover the latest achievements, knowledge, and experience in the rapidly evolving field of big data.

The event brings together representatives of businesses of different industries, researchers, students, and other enthusiasts in this field.

As organizers say, more and more companies, organizations, and institutions are integrating big data technologies into their processes and exploiting the opportunities of the field, yet the field is developing very fast, and to get the most out of big data, it is necessary to constantly update the knowledge.

During the three days of the event, three theoretical and practical sessions will take place, which will be led by lecturers with significant experience: doc. dr. Christian Brownlees (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona), prof. dr. Luca Citi (University of Essex, United Kingdom) and Dr. Diana G. Maynard (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom). This year’s school will focus on the Large Dimensional Network Models in Finance, Probabilistic Programming for Bayesian inference, and Natural Language Processing.