First Time in Lithuania: Mathematicians’ Workshop for Solving Industry Challenges

Important | 2017-06-14

Mathematicians of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) initiated a unique workshop for answering industry challenges by applying mathematical solutions. Although similar workshops have been organised around the world for several years already, it is the first time in Lithuania when the mathematicians will offer their solutions for businesses. 

The seven-day workshop, which will take place this summer, will unite best mathematicians from KTU, researchers from Vilnius University and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and 5 international companies. In total, 30 science and business representatives will take part in the workshop.

The tasks for the mathematics workshop have been provided by SBA business group (concern), UK data management company Callcredit Information Group, car sharing company CityBee Solutions, global coffee and tea company Jacobs Douwe Egberts and pharmacy network Gintarinė Vaistinė.

The companies hope to get insights from the brightest minds in the country both for solving routine tasks, such as financial planning, and for creative solutions and innovative products, which could increase their competitiveness.

“We are looking for a solution of a certain problem and we believe that the researchers will be able to offer a better answer than our currently applied methods. I believe that universities can create innovative products and solutions to improve competitiveness of business and of our country in general”, says Giedrius Mickevičius, Principal Database Developer at Callcredit Information Group.

SBA business group has been collaborating with higher education institutions for several years. The Vice-President of the Concern Egidijus Valentinavičius is convinced that the mathematicians’ workshop illustrates the importance of research participation in business: “We will compare the solutions provided by the experts with the methods that we are using now. If the method offered by mathematicians will suit our business and will be perceived as capable of improving its efficiency – we will integrate it into our processes”, says Valentinavičius.

The originator of the project Bronė Narkevičienė, the Dean of KTU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is convinced that the workshop will be useful not only to the businesses involved, but to all economics of Lithuania.

“Business and industry companies who entrust their problems to our workshop will benefit in many ways – in a relatively short time the simpler problems will be solved, and the recommendations for long term solutions will be provided for the more complicated ones”, says Narkevičienė.

The organisers of the project, KTU mathematicians, have substantial experience in applying mathematic solutions in finance, insurance, medicine, mechanics, big data analysis and other fields of business and industry. After participating in similar workshops in Europe, they are seeking to apply good practice by answering challenges characteristic to Lithuanian market.