Andrius Ambrutis: studies gave me everything I was looking for. Now I can freely choose where I want to work and with which projects.

Important | 2023-09-26

KTU FMNS Master’s student of the Applied Mathematics study program Andrius Ambrutis chose this study program in search of challenges. It seemed like the right field for him, as he was interested in the exact sciences at the time. In addition, Andrius longed for universal career opportunities that did not require a constant routine of the same things. His interest in the possibilities of applying artificial intelligence was also important. His studies gave him everything he wanted, and now he is free to choose where he wants to work, even with what projects.

“I can honestly say that there wasn’t even a question about whether I wanted to study further. It was probably more difficult to choose whether to continue studying Big Data or Applied Mathematics. I think in this matter the desire to further deepen my mathematical skills in the field of artificial intelligence and mathematics prevailed, because at that time it seemed that I already had well-formed skills for data analysis from the tasks completed during my undergraduate studies.” – says Andrius.

Andrius wishes future students who do not yet know what they want to study to be patient and find their own way. He emphasizes that there are no bad studies. Many students drop out because they feel that the subject they are studying is difficult or does not meet their needs. Although the first year can be difficult, requiring a lot of theory learning and adapting to a new environment, this does not mean that it is worth giving up. Andrius emphasizes that life is a game, and only those who play can enjoy it. You may have to try a few studies or jobs before you find what you like, but the whole journey will be worth it.

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