Students from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University are sharing their experience at KTU FMNS

Important | 2018-12-07

Three students from Kazakhstan: Kalmatay Darkhan, Berdibekov Dimash and Bozayeva Akzhan are spending some of their study time at Lithuania. They are a 2nd year master’s students. “We are very happy that our university gave a chance to study in a great and beautiful in Lithuania.” – said one of the students, Darkhan Kalmatay.

All three of them came from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University which has rich traditions, many years of experience in academic and scientific work. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is the leading institution of the system of higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which was the first to pass the state certification and which has justified its right to realize academic activity on all specialties and at all levels. The university is the permanent leader in the General rating of Kazakhstan universities. KTU FMNS and Al-Farabi KazNU physics’ master students have a great opportunity to gain a double diploma – from both universities. KTU FMNS students also has an opportunity to visit Kazakhstan and study at Al-Farabi KazNU vie Erasmus+ program.

Studying abroad always brings new experience and emotions. The student’s say it’s a practice that always pay’s off: “As for education, at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has very qualified teachers, thanks to whom we were able to replenish our knowledge and to learn  not only theoretically, but also in a practical way. If we ever will have another chance to come to this university, we certainly will not miss it.”

While studying in a different country it is always good to know the country and the people better – it makes the time spent there more enjoyable. “The dormitory of Kaunas is very interesting in here. We met a lot of different people from different countries and even became friends with some of them. I hope we will communicate after studying at KTU.” – said Darkhan Kalmatay.

In their free time, the students got acquainted with the city, visited the main sights, walked along Laisves Alley, which was really memorable to them, and even went to Kaunas Zalgiris basketball game. “We are also sports fans and can’s get pass the gym. Talking about it, the KTU gym is very cool, large, has a friendly staff and a huge selection of exercise equipment.” – mentioned Darkhan Kalmatay.

KTU FMNS is always welcoming students from different countries of the world because it bring a lot of new knowledge not only for the visitor – but for the local students as well. The benefit is mutual for everyone.